Messages to Inspire Donation in April

Donate Life NC has crafted some wonderful messages to be shared across the state throughout the month of April to help in our joint goal of inspiring more North Carolinians to register as donors.

These messages can be shared by an individual or both internally and externally by an organization. Internal suggestions include: electronic message boards in hospitals and clinics, employee intranets and email messages. Externally, share these via social media — and be sure you are following HonorBridge on Facebook and Donate Life NC on FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterest.

Messages to Share

April is National Donate Life Month

Donate Life month messaging and graphics are available for your use at Graphics, including a Facebook cover page, are available here and include “avatars” that you can use as profile pictures on Facebook as well.

April 17: Donate Life Blue and Green Day

We hope that all of you will join us in wearing blue and green (easy to do with scrubs!) and other creative ways to support organ, eye and tissue donation. We’ll be posting pictures on our social media sites and Donate Life America is sponsoring a contest for the best pictures posted to their Facebook page. Encourage your staff to participate – we’d love to see North Carolina well represented! If you need some inspiration, you can find terrific blue and green images on the Donate Life NC Pinterest site. Think nail polish, hair color, clothes – even cupcake decorations. Be creative and have fun with it. We’re also encouraging DMV offices in NC to celebrate – DLA is providing a free pizza party to the DMV office that submits the best photo!