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Tissue Recipients

If you have received an organ or cornea transplant or a procedure using donated tissue (called an allograft), you’re a part of the donation community!

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We are here for you

Being the recipient of a transplanted organ or allograft can be life-changing – and very emotional. You’re an important part of our community. We’d love to hear your story, help you say thank you to the family of your donor, or welcome you as a volunteer and advocate for organ and tissue donation.

Contacting your donor's family

Sending a letter of thanks can mean so much to a donor family

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If you received a transplant and would like to send a letter to the family of the organ donor, HonorBridge can help. Sending a letter of thanks can mean so much to a donor family. Your letter will come to us at HonorBridge, and we will hold it until the donor family gives their consent to receive it.

Stories of Hope

Read about the impact of organ, eye, and tissue donation in our community

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saved through the generous act of organ donation

Remembering Jared: A Story of Heroism, Courage, and Generosity

Christopher Bentley: A Tale of Transplants and Tenacity

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