Messages to Inspire Donation in February

Donate Life NC has crafted some wonderful messages to be shared across the state throughout the month of February to help in our joint goal of inspiring more North Carolinians to register as donors.

These messages can be shared by an individual or both internally and externally by an organization. Internal suggestions include: electronic message boards in hospitals and clinics, employee intranets and email messages. Externally, share these via social media — and be sure you are following HonorBridge on Facebook and Donate Life NC on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn.

Messages to Share

February is a great month to raise awareness about the need to register as an organ, eye and tissue donor!

February is Black History Month, another important opportunity to raise awareness about the need to register more donors in the African-American community. Some quick NC facts:

  • There are 3,301 North Carolinians on the transplant waiting list as of 1/27/15.  Of those, 1,675 are African-American – that’s 51% of all those on the waiting list.
  • There are 2,852  North Carolinians waiting for a kidney transplant — and 1,583 of them are African-American (55%).
  • While 51% of all license and ID card holders are registered as donors in North Carolina, only 37.3% of African-Americans driver’s license and ID card holders are registered.


February 14 – Today is not only Valentine’s Day but most importantly, National Donor Day! Donate Life NC will be launching a campaign from February 1 – 14 with the hashtag #GotHeart. Our vision is to create a moment over those 14 days where people talk with their loved ones about the importance of organ, eye and tissue donation.  Please look for their images and posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more – and share them widely! Use the hashtag #GotHeart on your organization’s posts as well. National Donor Day recognizes those who have given the gifts of organ, tissue, eye, blood, bone marrow, and umbilical cord donation, so we also encourage you to share information throughout that week about ways to donate through Donate Life NC, the American Red Cross, Be the Match and more. When you encourage people to register as organ, eye and tissue donors, we ask you to please use the following link: Register as a Donor.