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Messages to Inspire Donation in March

Donate Life NC has crafted some wonderful messages to be shared across the state throughout the month of March to help in our joint goal of inspiring more North Carolinians to register. There are plenty of opportunities to raise donation awareness in the month of March, which is both Eye Donor Month and National Kidney Month.

These messages can be shared by an individual or both internally and externally by an organization. Internal suggestions include: electronic message boards in hospitals and clinics, employee intranets and email messages. Externally, share these via social media — and be sure you are following HonorBridge on Facebook and Donate Life NC on FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterest.


Messages to Share

March is Eye Donor Month and National Kidney Month!

The Eye Bank Association of America is celebrating the Gift of Sight through National Eye Donor Month for the 31st year. The celebration promotes awareness of the need to donate eyes, to recognize donors and their families and to celebrate corneal recipients.

The NC Eye Bank encourages you to share Hannah’s story in honor of National Eye Donor Month. Donate Life NC also has Kim’s story of receiving, not one, but two corneal transplants available on their website.

National Eye Donor Month is also a terrific opportunity connect with your local Lions Clubs which have strong programs to support the blind and visually impaired and to prevent blindness.

National Kidney Month and World Kidney Day

During National Kidney Month and in honor of World Kidney Day on March 14, the National Kidney Foundation encourages sharing information and health activities to promote awareness of kidneys, risk factors and kidney disease. World Kidney Day (March 14) aims to raise awareness of the importance of our kidneys to our overall health and to reduce the frequency and impact of kidney disease and its associated health problems worldwide. The World Kidney Day website has a strong package of campaign materials, images and press resources for your use.

In addition, the following NC stories can be shared:

Courtney Potter and the UNC Health Care News Team made this inspirational video to feature the incredible story of Delores Benton Evans, kidney recipient and donor mother.

Team NC Flag Ceremonies are in March!

Team NC will be holding Flag Ceremonies March 6-8. Team NC will be hosting the official Donate Life Transplant Games of America flag for all team members to sign on March 6th at 10 am at Vidant and at 2 pm at Duke. On the 7th they will be at UNC at 10 am and Wake Forest Baptist at 2 pm. Carolinas Medical Center will host the final stop on Saturday the 8th. For more details about Team NC and the Donate Life Transplant Games of America, visit the Team NC website.

International Women’s Day is March 8

Did you know that:

  • Over 160 women gave the gift of life last year in North Carolina through both living and deceased donation?
  • More than 300 women received precious gifts of life at our state’s five transplant centers?
  • The majority of women who underwent transplants in 2013 received a new kidney?
  • Over 1200 women in North Carolina are currently awaiting their lifesaving transplants?
  • 86 women on the waiting list died last year because an organ did not become available?


  • Please continue to use the #DonateLife hashtag in your posts, particularly as we get closer to National Donate Life Month in April.
  • Please continue to raise awareness for the Donate Life License Plate available to order from the NCDMV.



National Donate Life Month is in April and there are many resources at the Donate Life America website, including logos, posters, Facebook avatars and more.

If there is an opportunity to share information for Donate Life Month in any of your external publications, please let us know and we can provide more information.

We hope EVERY one of you actively participates in Donate Life Blue and Green Day on April 11. It’s a fun and visually appealing way to raise awareness in your community, at work or online.

Our aim is to have as many North Carolinians as possible to celebrate by wearing blue and green and to share information about the importance of registering as a donor that day.

How can you participate and raise awareness for donation & transplantation on April 11 -National Blue & Green Day?

  • Wear your best blue and green.
  • Host a lunch & learn at work to raise awareness. Decorate in blue and green and serve blue and green confections for treats! You can request a speaker or use any of the inspirational videos for free on the Donate Life NC website.
  • Ask your favorite local businesses – bakeries, restaurants, shops, florists, and more – to participate by providing discounts to customers that show the heart on their licenses, decorating their stores/offices in blue and green, displaying blue and green merchandise, and providing information about registering as a donor at checkout.
  • Post your pictures of you, your friends and family in their best blue and green on the Donate Life NC Facebook page.