New Law to Streamline Donor Registration Process at NC DMV: Registered Organ, Eye and Tissue Donors Will No Longer Need to Reregister Their Decisions

Governor Roy Cooper signs organ donation bill

Staying a registered organ, eye and tissue donor in North Carolina just became easier. On June 14, 2021, Governor Cooper signed the HonorBridge-led legislation (Senate Bill 135) which will be enacted on October 1, 2021. This legislation will save and heal more lives. North Carolina now joins 17 other states with similar legislation.

Known as the Improved Anatomical Gift Donation Process, this legislation received bipartisan support and was unanimously passed in each legislative committee meeting and by the North Carolina General Assembly. Prior to October 1, 2021, North Carolinians who are registered organ, eye and tissue donors must reregister their decisions every time they renew their drivers’ licenses. After, October 1, 2021, North Carolinians who are registered as donors will no longer need to reregister their decisions.

This is the second major organ, eye and tissue donation legislation passed by Governor Cooper and General Assembly in the past two years. Heart Heroes was passed in April, 2019. Currently, more than 107,000 people across the nation, including more than 3,000 North Carolinians, are on the national list waiting for life-saving organ transplants.

“For the people waiting, time is running out,” said Chuck Heald, Marketing & Communications Director for HonorBridge. “Unfortunately, there not enough organs available to meet the need.”

Currently, 95% of Americans are in favor of being a donor, yet only 54% of all North Carolina licensed drivers have taken the action step to register their decisions at the DMV. “We must close this gap,” Heald continued. “The easiest way to do this is to register your decision to become a donor at either the DMV or online at

One organ, eye and tissue donor can save and heal more than 75 lives, and nearly one in 20 Americans will require some type of tissue transplant.

The legislation was supported by the state’s other organ, eye and tissue recovery organizations, LifeShare Carolinas and Miracles in Sight, along with Donate Life North Carolina.

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About HonorBridge

HonorBridge is North Carolina’s largest federally-designated, not-for-profit organ donation and tissue recovery organization serving 7.5 million people in 77 counties of North Carolina and Virginia. With offices in Durham, Greenville, and Winston-Salem, HonorBridge maximizes the passing of the heroic gift of life from one human being to another through organ and tissue donation. In North Carolina, nearly 3,000 people are currently waiting for organ transplants, and nationally, approximately 107,000 people are waiting. For more information, visit or call 1-800-200-2672.