Quilt Square

Created in honor of Benjamin Lucero

Ben was a 21 year old who despite his autism and his inability to speak had an unmatchable zest for life.  The simplest things made him happy.  Swimming, running, swinging, or sneaking a pickle out the jar when his Mom had her back turned.  And oh how he loved music of any kind.  Although he couldn’t sing with words he could make a joyful noise that was contagious to all that could hear him.  Matter of fact everything Ben did was contagious and everyone loved to be in the room with him.  He was a joy to all who were blessed to know him.

The quilt square represents the music Ben loved with his favorite instrument, the guitar.  The cross represents his family’s faith in God and the doves represent the four white doves seen flying over his church the day of his service.  The words are Shakespeare and also appear on his headstone. Hi older brother, Josh came up with this tribute.  Ben’s Dad came up with the design (which is now a tattoo on his shoulder) and the color blue was picked by his Mom and matches the color of the car Ben and his Mom traveled in constantly over the years.  Therefore the quilt represents faith, family, and music which all where a part of who Ben was.  These things will live on in our lives as a tribute to “Ben” who will forever be loved and missed.

Submitted by:  Ann, Donor Mother

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