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Quilt Square

Created in honor of Chad Maynard

Chad was only 29 when a brain hemorrhage ended his life.  He was a young, strong, good-looking man who enjoyed the simple things in life.  On the quilt square is a picture of him in his fishing boat.  He enjoyed fishing, frog gigging, swimming, and riding his jet ski.  Another picture shows him in front of his tractor.  He loved to work land.  He told me once he loved the smell of fresh turned dirt and newly mowed hay.  Another picture on the quilt square shows him in front of his last corn crop.  Chad was 6′ 2″ tall and is corn grew tall and produced an abundant crop which he didn’t live to harvest.  The picture of the sunflower field was also his last crop planted.  His family and friends mowed the sunflowers for a dove hunt in September which he had planned to do.  He was a commercial poultry producer for Mountaire Farms for 11 years. He also raised beef cattle.  He loved animals and enjoyed working with them.  Chad would have been 30 in December and of course the “hard to bear” holidays.  I purchased some balloons and had them Filled with helium. All his friends and family gathered at the cemetery on his birthday (December 17) and Christmas Eve.  We wrote messages on the balloons with markers and then released them into the sky.  It was a very difficult time for me but on the day after Christmas, when I went to the chicken houses that morning, there waiting for me on the cement pad of the first house I came to, was a snow white dove.  You know they say doves are messengers from heaven and I loved that message.  Chad was a loving son, brother, and greatest friend.  Our teacher, disciplinarian, and confident.

Submitted by:  Teresa, Donor Mother

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