Quilt Square

Created in honor of Deborah Moore

This quilt square is special in a couple of ways. A steadfast friend, who just lost her younger brother, helped me design and make it as we shared stories of our beloved siblings. I chose the yellow fabric because it made me think of sunflowers, which my sister loved. I chose the beese because Deborah means “bee” – a hard worker who brings forth sweet fruit. I chose Psalm 30:5 because my sister and I shared the love of reading. One of the first books she ever lent me was Betty Smith’s “Joy in the Morning” – a story that shows what can be overcome by the strength of a loving and loyal relationship. I chose Romans 10:9 because we both believe in Jesus as our savior and are sisters in Christ. A bond and relationship we share here and always. We have two brothers, Joe and Douglas.

Deborah was intelligent, funny, adventurous, trustworthy, protective, affirming, encouraging, caring, thoughtful, compassionate, beautiful, and a diligent worker. These are just a few thoughts about a unique woman I was blessed to call sister and spend a lifetime with. There is always more to the story and she would be glad to sit over some coffee and share them with you. Love your sister, Susan.

Submitted by Susan, Donor Sister

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