Quilt Square

Created in honor of John Pyle

The material for the square comes from one of John’s work shirts which he wore as a manager for a family who owns several McDonald’s franchise restaurants.  The picture of John is during his happier times, when he was in better health. The chef’s hat represents John’s training in culinary arts and his passion as a baker and chef. During his many hospital stays throughout his life, John would lay in his hospital bed doing Mensa puzzles as an easy pastime, a testament to his incredibly high IQ. This is represented on the quilt square by the Mensa logo. The musical notes are a tribute to his unbridled love for music and particularly for traditional jazz. John was a kind and gentle man who endured more than his fair share of health issues during his lifetime, finally passing from a ruptured aortic aneurism just short of his 50th birthday. He is loved and missed dearly.

Submitted by Diane, Donor Mother

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