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Created in honor of Timothy Nantz

This square was made to honor my late brother, Timothy Eugene Nantz.  My brother was my best friend.  He was one of five children and the only boy.  My mother and sisters and I miss him dearly to this day!  It’s been over 4 years ago now and our hearts still ache for his.  He never married but has a daschund mix name “Scooby” that was his little buddy and a needy mess! He also had a special person that he cared an awful lot about named Sonia Yancey.  He was very patriotic.  Ironically, the day he passed away was on Flag Day.  He loved trains and planes.  He loved his PT Cruiser and was even in the NC PT Cruiser Club.  He was very loving and kind when he wasn’t angry about something.  Sadly, he was a bit of a “hot-head” at times.  Especially if he was dealing with his computer or frustrated with something he was working on or doing.  He loved scuba diving and the water!  I think Key West, FL was one of his favorite spots.  He absolutely LOVED PHOTOGRAPHY! And was very good at it I might add! He did a few weddings and did a lot of nature shots.

He loved his mother very much so! Always wanting to get her something really nice! As a matter of fact, the very last thing he gave our Mom was this beautiful picture of a church with the saying “May the sun rise and set upon thee” for Mother’s Day that May.  He passed away in June.  I miss sitting on the front porch with him enjoying a beer or two and just chatting and rocking with him. I miss his calls for me to come up and help him on a project or two or three…I (we) miss being able to tell him one more time that “We loved Him”! I was honored to be his oldest sister but more than that, his friend.  I did everything I could for him and then some and would gladly do it all over again in a heartbeat.  Speaking of which, is what happened.  He had a massive heart attack and succumbed to complications from it.  We made the hard decision to donate his tissue since his heart and organs could not be used.  As a result of that unselfish gift several lives were changed for the better.  As a result of one of these gifts another person regained their sight!  Tim would have wanted us to have done this selfless act on his behalf and in honor of his memory.

Because of this selfless donation, Tim still lives on with us through these other lives that were changed because of his.  He will forever be a part of our hearts and missed until the glorious day when we’re reunited! Thank you for allowing us to share our story.

Submitted by: Linda, Donor Sister

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