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Quilt Square

Created in honor of Traci Lyn Caporale

Traci always had a smile or a silly face to share.  Her style was unique from a very young age.  As a little girl she would wear pink cowgirl boots with any outfit she wore, to the teenager who would rock any of those crazy converse shoes or her variety of stylish outfits.

Traci had her dreams set out before- Campbell University, Campbell Law School, and to be a lawyer.  There wasn’t anything that was going to stand in her way.  As a “Camel” at the school she loved, Traci quickly made a lasting impression on fellow classmates, professors, and deans.  The peoples, lives she touched in one form or another have wonderful memories with the girl with special initials, TLC.  During her 18 year journey she helped so many and touched numerous lives along the way.  It would be impossible not to mention her love of animals, recuing strays from the cold or saying her dog “Rocket” was her best friend. Traci’s uniqueness, her passion will live on in everyone who knew the beautiful young woman with the initials TLC.

Submitted by:  Pamela, Donor Mother

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