Jeannine Orduna-Skelton

Quilt square for Jeannine Orduna-Skelton with a patch of a yellow butterfly.

Jeannine, the deceased, made this quilt square.  She died before the quilt was finished.  She was making quilt was finished. She was making it for her Aunt.  Jeannine was an accomplished crafts and sewing person. Submitted by: Therese, Donor Mother

Charles Hill

Quilt square for Charles Hill with a photo of Charles with family.

The quilt square is his favorite swim shorts that he loved to wear.  I hated them, he made me promise to trash them.  He loved to swim and loved the water. I put a picture of him and me at the beach. Submitted by: Cynthia, Donor Wife

Libardo Jimenez

Quilt square for Libardo Jimenez with a photo of Libardo with family and a portrait photo of Libardo. Text reading: All I see is your face smiling in the light. All I see is your face shining so bright.

The quilt has a patch that is an Icon created by my son. He represented his 2 main sports.  The words represent that he will always be present and forever young, as he was only 21 years old. Submitted by: Penny, Donor Mother

Robin Bowen

Quilt square for Robin Bowen with portrait of Robin and text reading: Let’em run – let’em live.

No other smile, No other eyes could captivate as Robin’s when she walked into a room! Submitted by: Robert, Donor Husband

Matthew Bates

Quilt square for Matthew P. Bates with a heart, cross, Brazil, dalmation, football and text reading: In peace, love and serenity.

Matt very loving and everyone loved him. Matt was deeply spiritual and intuitive. Matt was born in Brazil and moved to the USA at the age of 1. Matt loved animals and they loved him.  He was a great athlete and played many sports.  He was very affectionate, endured great pain with bravery and coverage.  We miss […]

Elizabeth Harrison

Quilt square for Elizabeth Harrison with photos of Elizabeth with family and text reading: all my love dee-dee.

The first sets of pictures are of me and my twin in Savannah, GA in 2008 and the other photo is of us when we were younger at our home in Pennsylvania. The bottom photo is also in Savannah, GA (2008). She and I nicknamed each other “Dee-Dee” and that was our name fir each other throughout […]

Richie Echavez

Quilt square for Richie Echavez with the number 252, DC, and a portrait of Richie

Richie was a fun loving all-around well liked young man.  He loved surfing, skate boarding, and hanging out with his friends and family. He was the most giving generous person anyone could ever meet. If you needed something, he would do everything in his power to get it for you no questions asked. He was a soft […]

Brenda Gay Burkett

Quilt square for Brenda Gay Burkett with a dragon fly and butterflies.

This quilt square is dedicated to our beautiful daughter Brenda Gay Burkett. She was a wonderful, kind, loving woman. To describe her only takes one word “Sweet”. She was there for her family and friends and anyone who needed anything. Her smile and laugh was contagious.  She was loved by so many and is dearly missed. Submitted by: […]

Billy Bass

Quilt square for Billy Bass with a fish, tractor, horse, and text reading Daddy’s girl Bobbie.

He loved his daughter and fishing! Submitted by: Donna, Donor Wife