Benjamin Langley

Quilt square for Benjamin Langley with peace signs, racing flags, and lady bugs.

This quilt is dedicated to my husband, Benjie Langley.  The quilt shows some of the memories he shared with our two daughters, amber and Lilly. Submitted by: Wendy, Donor Wife

Valerie Sardo

Quilt square for Valerie Sardo with a photo of Valerie, handwritten messages, and a background frog pattern.

Lived in Florida for 30 years, loved the beaches and sunsets.  He collected ceramic frogs.  A beautiful and loving person. A care giver! Submitted by: Jean, Donor Mother

Jeffrey Simmons

Quilt square for Jeffrey Simmons with musical notes, a guitar, palm trees and sun, and text reading: I love beach music.

The square that was made for my husband was done with a beach DJ theme. My husband was a mobile DJ and also played in a band. He loved music, it was a big part of his life. He also loved the beach. Nothing made him more happy than to be playing music on the […]

Mitchel Gibbs

Quilt square for Mitchell Gibbs with an outline of a knife, rose, and text USMC.

Mitchel was an extraordinary young man who loved everyone without limits.  He lived many different facts of life.  From the look of a skate boarder, to a geek, a rock star, and a surfer boy, all the way to a Marine.  The first quilt square was based on his multiple looks.  High school “island boy” […]

Watha Beach

Quilt square for Watha Beach with photos of Watha with family and text reading: Family is love.

The quilt square is dedicated to my father.  The photos depicted are my father, mother, and me, my husband, our son, and me, and a picture of my son, Peyton.  My father loved our family.  He would come over to play with Peyton every week no matter how tired he was.  Before my husband came […]

Patrick Friedhoff

Quilt square for Patrick Friedhoff with many different types and colors of butterflies

Patrick was a very happy, loving, caring considerate young man. Everyone that knew him called him friend. He was enjoying life to its fullest.  In death as in life he was always thinking of how he could help someone else. With the unselfish act of indicating he wanted to be a donor, the gift of […]

Benjamin Lucero

Quilt square for Benjamin Lucero with doves, a guitar, a cross, and text reading: If music be the food of love, play on

Ben was a 21 year old who despite his autism and his inability to speak had an unmatchable zest for life.  The simplest things made him happy.  Swimming, running, swinging, or sneaking a pickle out the jar when his Mom had her back turned.  And oh how he loved music of any kind.  Although he […]

Phillip Morris

Quilt square for Phillip Dale Morris with a photo of Phillip outdoors.

Phil loved his Harley. We are very proud that he was our son and that he chose to be a donor.  He has 2 children, P.J. and Devan that he loved very much! He also has a special little dog named Chocolate that went everywhere with him.  Angela Morris Robbins is Phil’s sister and they […]