Chad Maynard

Quilt square for Chad Maynard with photos of Chad outdoors and with family.

Chad was only 29 when a brain hemorrhage ended his life.  He was a young, strong, good-looking man who enjoyed the simple things in life.  On the quilt square is a picture of him in his fishing boat.  He enjoyed fishing, frog gigging, swimming, and riding his jet ski.  Another picture shows him in front of […]

Colton Ayscue

Quilt square for Colton Ayscue with a photo of Colton and his dog and two hearts in the corner.

Colton Lee Ayscue is the youngest of three children.  He has a brother named Kyler and a sister named Tabitha.  He also has a brother-in-law named Travis and a sister-in-law named Nichelle.  Colton has a niece that he never saw here on earth that carries his middle name and her name is Nikayla lee.  Colton […]

Stephen Conaway

Quilt square for Stephen Conaway with three firecrackers and watermelons.

Steve loved watermelon and strawberries.  He was born on July 4th; he always said the fireworks were for his birthday. Submitted by:  Peggy, Donor Wife

Charles O’Rourke III

Quilt square for Charles O’Rourke 3rd with photo of Charles with family, a cross, and text reading Dad, Grandpa, Brother.

We were high school sweethearts and married April 10th, 1965. Charles had over 40 years experience in computers and author of US patent “Shareability Utility”, which was put into place February 19th 2013. He was a loving husband and father of two sons and two grandsons that he was very proud of. Submitted by: Carolyn, […]

David Smith

Quilt square for David Smith with a tool belt and text reading: you are always in my heart.

This quilt is dedicated to my son David Scott Smith.  He was a very good carpenter and painter.  He also was a good musician.  He had a good heart and was a caring person about others. Submitted by:  Alice, Donor Mother

Sean Jones

Quilt square for Sean Jones with photo of Sean sitting by a green sedan and a poem.

The poem represents the kind of person he was and the lives he touched, even though he had a short life. The car is what he loved and cherished. His name is in red letters because that was his favorite color. Submitted by: Rena & Lee, Donor Parents

Leon Eaton

Quilt square for Tori Eaton with a blue Dallas cowboy’s star

Leon was an avid Cowboy fan.  I wanted to make this for him.  He loved his Dallas Cowboys in good times and bad times. Submitted by: Eleanor, Donor Mother