Michael Ray Staggs

Quilt square for Michael Ray Staggs with photo of Michael showing the peace sign.

This square is in honor of my son”Michael”.  He had a heart of gold.  He loved everyone and they loved him.  He hated to see anyone cry or hurt.  He loved to make people laugh and had the best hugs ever.  And his blue eyes are heavenly.  Him being a donor showed what kind of […]

Wanda Dillon

Quilt square for Wanda Dillon with photo of Wanda holding a baby.

This quilt square is dedicated to the memory of Wanda Dillon who was an asesome wife, mother, and grandmother.  Her love and compassion for her family as well as her dogs will forever be remembered.  We truly miss her and can’t wait to see her again! Submitted by: Philip, Donor Husband

Ja’lyn Hunt

Quilt square for Jalyn Hunt with heart and cross, and three basketballs.

Ja’lyn was my oldest child.  Although he never discussed being a donor, Ja’lyn was a very kind and caring person.  As a very young child he would always seek out the olderly and try an assist them in anyway possible.  As he got older he really had a way with babies and small children.  People […]

Tara Stewart

Quilt square for Tara Stewart with heart and cross

Tara Lynn Stewart was a loving mother, precious daughter, loved sister, granddaughter, neice, aunt, cousin, friend, and ex-wife.  She was a very talented singer and actress and loved teaching children about theatre.  She loved Jesus and used her teaching abilities to reach others for him.  She is greatly missed! Submitted by: Bruce, Donor Mother

Judy Jones

Quilt square for Judy Jones with flower and hearts and text reading free spirit. Happy Times, Unforgettable, Memories, Believe, Family, Linked Together.

My mother Judy known to me as Mommy was a free spirit, that’s why I chose this as my center piece.  Judy loved her family and friends with a passion.  She is truly an unforgettable person and we miss her dearly.  With saying this, the quilt patch speaks for itself. We miss you Judy, Mommy, Grandma, […]

Jeremy Williams

Quilt square for Jeremy Williams with a portrait of Jeremey and photos of him in scrubs and with family.

Jeremy was a funny guy.  He started wearing scrbs in the 9th grade after a fall that resulted in a broken clavicle.  He decided the scurbs were more comfortable than jeans and wore them all the time.  He liked to watch movies.  He invented the crab walk.  He was a Christian ann very invovled in […]

Alan Burton

Quilt square for Alan Burton with patches for a pair of scissors, a hammer, saw, and ruler.

Alan was a cloth cutter for a furniture company.  So we decided to have scissors and a ruler to represent his occupation.  The hammer and saw he used a lot doing things in his spare time.  The family considerde him a jack of all trades, but a master of none. Submitted by: Mary, Donor Wife

John Drew Stanley

Quilt square for John Drew Stanley and a patch of the NC State Logo and a Fish

John was a smart, hard working, handsome, 16 year old 11th grader.  He was a great son and awesome brother (to Will, 4 years younger).  He was a Junior at Nash Central High School with a 4.2 GPA.  He played football, baseball, and basketball.  He was also going to be on the swim team after […]