Glen F. Snader

Quilt square for Glen F. Snader with a collage of squares featuring fish, nuts and bolts, fire engines, bears, hearts, a church, handprints, and vegetables

Quilt block pattern is log cabin. The center block represents Glen’s faith. The bears are for our journey through life together for 23 years of marriage and two days. Hands represent our family. P 4.13 is for the scripture. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. He also had a ministry. […]

Jean Lowery

Quilt square for Jean Lowery with colorful butterfly pattern

My mother loved butterflies and her favorite color was purple. She would have loved to have made a blanket with the material used to make the square. Submitted by: Heather, Donor Daughter

Thomas G. McRary

Quilt square for thomas McRary with photo of Thomas on a motor cycle in front of a mountain

Dedicated to Thomas G. McGrary. A selfless loving man who was the true definition of Christmas. Tommy always made sure everyone in his life was taken care of. Tommy always lived life to the fullest and enjoyed nothing more than the freedom of a motorcycle ride. Submitted by: Debbie, Donor Wife

Casey Kane

Quilt square for Casey Kane with saxophone, ECU logo, and text reading believe in me who believes in you.

Casey had a passion for music. He played in his middle school band, then to high school. His senior year he was the drum major of Western Alamance All American Brigade. He was going to ECU and majoring in Music Education. He was a Teacher’s Fellow as well. His instrument of choice was the saxaphone. […]

John McInnis

Quilt square for John McInnis with photo of John with family and a collage of posters. Text reading: 5five. Tater

John McInnis, Known to family as “Tater” and to entertainment industry folks as “5ive”, was active in professional theater for many years. The shows pictured were some of his most recent, and most favorite. He worked backstage, usually in management and as “head” of leader of the backstage crews. He was greatly respected in the […]

Dr. Gary Snyder

Quilt square for Dr. Gary Snyder with a book and title reading imagine the possibilities

Gary was a life long learner and for two decades journaled his thoughts and philosophies every morning. He was a college instructor who passed along his motto “Imagine the Possibilities” to his students. If Gary had lived to an old age, he planned to turn his notes about learning, self discovery, history, and philosophy into […]

Richard Byers, Jr.

Quilt square for Richard Byers with a drawing of Richard and a collage of patches featuring saxophone, black belt, cross, tickets to paradise, basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, baseballs, music notes, and text reading: marching band, a heart for service, fireman, military, blood donor.

Jr. was athletic and musically inclined. He played multiple sports from a young age. He also started early playing musical instruments and learnd to play the keyboard by ear. He played the saxaphone and then the drums in the marching band for high school. He had a heart for service and aspired to be a […]

Steven Seidelman

Quilt square for Steven Seidelman with a outdoor portrait of Steven and text reading: A celebration of life.

The quilt square is orange for his love of the Florida Gators. His picture is framed in green because it is his favorite color. Steve was the sweetest spirit I knew. Never had a harsh word to say abot anyone ever! He is so so missed by many.