Stefanie Hatcher

Quilt square for Stefanie Hatcher with a heart and a butterfly pattern in the background.

Stefanie is a very fun loving, outgoing young woman that was loved by all that knew her. Her square is an enlargement of her signature from a card she had sent to us. She would be so happy to know that her gift is helping someone live a longer, happier life. Submitted by: Linda & […]

Kenneth E. Daw

Quilt square for Kenneth E Daw with a portrait of Kenneth at the center and text reading: Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard but always near still loved, still missed and held so dear.

Ken was a wonderful husband, father, and grandpa. He was the kind of person who never met a stranger. He was always there to help when needed. His kind, loving spirit will be missed always. Submitted by: Evelyn, Donor Wife

Roderick Bridges

Quilt square for Roderick Bridges with patches for Big Dogs, UNC, and a cross.

Man of Faith Tarheel Family Member Nickname was Big Dog! Submitted by: Constance, Donor Wife

Rodney Pickett

Quilt square for Rodney Pickett with a collage of photos of Rodney with family and patches of basket balls.

This quilt represents my brother’s character, he loved basketball. The woman in the photos with him is our mother, who he loved dearly. She passed away in January 2013. The two bears represent his two children, daughter Roses two years old and Rodney Pickett III.  The gold represents his ambition. Submitted by: Rodkeshia, Donor Sister

Alex Michael Sanderson

Quilt square for Alex Sanderson with photos of Alex in a sailor’s uniform as a child and as an adult sailor in the navy. Text reading: A little boys dream 25 April 1994. A young man’s reality 18 October 2014. Dreams live on

Alex’s enthusiasm goes far beyond his clothing choices, which is what this quilt square is made out of. Whether he was dressed in his Navy uniform or a pair of shorts and his favorite cobalt blue t-shirt, he was comfortable and happy with whom he was. He exuberated confidence, assertiveness, and a kind compassionate mannerism, […]

Wesley “D.J” Echard

Quilt square for Wesley Echard with a photo of Wesley, a poem, and flowers.

The quilt square is from his family to honor Wesley Echard AKA D.J. He was the best brother and friend you could ever ask for. He would give you the shirt off his back. He was most definitely too good of a man to be taking away so soon from his family. He enjoyed his […]

Roderick Robinson

Quilt square for Roderick Robinson with a photo of Roderick waiving and four pins

Roderick was a very sweet and loving person. Helped any and everyone he could. He was a hard worker and loved his family. He was especially loved by his nieces and nephews. He is missed dearly. He was always the life of the party. He had a million dollar smile! Submitted by: Pamela, Donor Mother