Joel Peele

Quilt square for Joel Peele with illustration of a lake and a fisherman. Text reading: The love of Family and the admiration of friends is much more important than wealth and privilege. Charles Kuralt.

This quilt square was designed and made by Ginger Peele in remembrance of her husband of 57 1/2 years, Joel Ellis Peele.  He was an avid fisherman.  This scene depicts a scene similar to one where he could be found on a regular basis doing the thing he enjoyed the most – fishing! Submitted by: […]

William Troy Paul

Quilt square for William Troy Paul with portrait photo of William and a guitar.

The quilt square is my son William Troy Paul. I wanted it so he would never be forgotten. He was 18 1/2 years old when he died. He was very outgoing and loved by all. He was artistic, musically inclined, and loved to laugh and cut up. He loved movies and loved to read books. He […]

Lisa Williams

Quilt square for Lisa Williams with an illustration of a book with patches of wine, UNCW logo, a map of Australia, a shell, flower, and bird.

Lisa was an amazing daughter and sister. She was known for her calm, quiet demeanor, quick wit, kindred spirit and charisma. Her accomplishments speak for themselves. Graduated from ECU, earned a Master of Library Science at NCCU, Master of Arts and Library Studies at UNCW. She was Associate Director of Library Science, Randall LIbrary, UNCW. She […]

Cindy Marks

Quilt square for Cindy Marks with a portrait of Cindy with handwritten notes.

Cindy was a loving daughter, mother, sister and wife. She was the light of my life the day she was born. She was very smart in school and loved dancing and ninja. She raised a very smart and polite son who is now 15 and who is also loving school. She is greatly missed by […]

Robert Staches

Quilt square for Robert Staches with a collage of photos of Robert, soccer, music, deer, a cruise ship, fishing, and text reading: Jamaica.

Robert was a Christian with a big heart. He could see the needs of others and helped where he could. Robert was a good husband, father, grandfather, brother, neighbor, mentor, and friend. He loved to hunt, fish, play volleyball, sing, and travel. He sang in two of our church choirs and with a group that […]

Jonathan “Brice” Russell

Quilt square for Jonathan Russell with a collage of photos of Jonathan with family, friends, and pets. Text reading: God, Family, Friends, Jeep, Music, Sports, Beach, Animals

Brice was a simple young man. He loved home, family gatherings, and just having his friends over. He was the life of a party, always playing around, and loved taking pictures of himself and with others. If he had a dollar and came across someone that needed it, he would give it to them. He […]