Jason Messer

Quilt square for Jason Eugene Messer with a photo of Jason in the mountains and text reading: Romans 1:16

Jason was a very active and loving 17 year old. He loved playing football, lifting weights, and going to church with his friends in the youth group. Jason posted on his Instagram page his profile Bible verse as Romans 1:16 “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel for it is the Power of God unto […]

Max Luther

Quilt square for Max Luther with text reading: Christ-Like, Loving husband, brother, dad, dedicated worker, Duke dad, witty, caring, compassionate.

Max Steven Luther was a wonderfully loving husband and father. He was a compassionate individual who always showed love to his family and community. He loved his family and always put Christ first. He was a proud Duke dad and fan and a loyal hard worker. His brilliantly witty sense of humor could make anyone […]

Christian Proctor

Quilt square for Christian Proctor with patches of music, dinosaurs, a sports jersey, firetruck, and cross. Text reading: sweet frog, family feud, happy birthday, asa run.

This quilt square is in honor of my sweet, precious baby boy, Christian Makai Carter Proctor. He was an amazing 8 year old that was full of life with a lot of personality. This quilt piece represents some of his favorite things. My Chris Chris loved dinosaurs; We always went to Discover the Dinosaurs everytime […]

Amanda Sutton

Quilt square for Amanda Sutton with photos of Amanda, family, and cats.

Amanda was a cat lover – she had three of her own, even though the doctors told her they were not good for her asthma and allergies. She was a loving “mother figure” to her boyfriend’s son, she loved him and treated him as her own. She was a loving person, loved by all. She […]

Joseph Cochrane

Quilt square for Joseph Cochrane with a motorcycle and text reading Joe Daddy, uncle, husband, son, nephew, friend, cousin, and gramps. Just Joe. Forever in our hearts.

This quilt square was made by Joe’s Aunt Nancy. She loved him very much and her and her husband, Bill, were so proud of the man he became! This quilt square has all the things carefully stitched that Joe was about and loved during his life. After 3 1/2 years, there is still a void […]

Kenneth Daw

Quilt square for Kenneth E Daw with a photo of Kenneth and text reading: If love alone could have saved you, you never would have died. In life I loved you dearly. In death I love you still.

Ken was a kind and generous man. He was always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone who needed it. He is truly missed and forever in our hearts. Submitted by: Evelyn, Donor Wife

Terry Williams

Quilt square for Terry Williams with humming birds, butterflies, and flowers

Terry loved to feed and watch hummingbirds. She would make her own nectar for them. They would bring her much joy. Hummingbirds are spiritual birds. They symbolize so many things to an individual. This may have been why Terry enjoyed them so much. They remind you to be prepared for your journeys, take your energy […]

Judith Wilson

Quilt square for Judith Wilson with a portrait of Judith

This picture was taken at my house by my husband, Cameron, a few years before Mom passed away. It really does depict her sweet, bubbly, and lively personality. Mom was genuine, kind, loving and strong. She was a massage therapist that just loved helping people to feel better. The names of her children and grandchildren […]

Jorge Quidel

Quilt square for Jorge Quidel with hearts a house, and text reading: We will always love you.

Daddy, we miss your smile, your laugh, your love, your charisma, and your kindness. You’re the greatest husband and daddy that we could have ever asked for. You are the blessing we will always cherish and love. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us, your family. We miss you every day and we know […]