Gary Isom Jr.

Quilt square for Gary Isom Jr. with a photo of Gary at an event.

Gary was a loving husband. We were married for over 16 years. He was funny and loved spending time with his family. Loved watching movies, but his favorite show was WWE. Marissa and Clarissa, his twin daughters, they turned 17 in September and his son, Albert, turned 11 on August 3. They adored him. Gary knew […]

Matthew Pearce

Quilt square for Matthew J. Pearce with a portrait of Matthew in his Marine Corps uniform centered in a heart and surrounded by patches of the American flag.

Matthew was born and raised in CT. Upon graduating from high school, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. After 12 years of dedicated service, including three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and proudly serving as Sergeant, Matthew was honorably discharged in 2014. At this time Matthew made his residence in NC. Matthew was […]

Alyson Hennessee

Quilt square for Alyson Hennessee with flowers and text reading: Aly and Mom.

Our quilt square was designed by Alyson’s oldest daughter, Alicia. Alicia drew and colored the square to honor the life of her mother. Above all else, Alyson was proudest of her role as a mother, not only to Alicia (age 12), but also to her younger children, Baylee (age 2 1/2) and Jamison (age 18 […]

McKinley McCurry

Quilt square for McKinley McCurry with a collage of photos of McKinley with Family and a sunset in the center.

McKinley was so witty and smart and we will always remember his charisma and smile. We have some peace knowing he was able to help others with his death and that he is an angel looking over us. We love you and miss you every day. Love, Mom, sister Kayla, brother Andrew, nephew Brayden, and […]

De’Mari Daye

Quilt square for De'Mari Daye with handwritten messages and patches of an iguana and a son. Text reading: Always listen to your heart because even though it’s on your left side, it’s always right. Forever in my heart. Many loves. Son! Always in my heart. Nannie.

De’Mari’s Nannie made this quilt square in memory of him. Each one of us put a little saying on the quilt square. He loved his iguana “Raptor”. Submitted by: Michelle and Enrico, Donor Parents

Donald Key II

Quilt square for Donald Key II with a photo of Donald wearing his fire fighter helmet and a patch for Whispering Pines Fire Rescue #51

The quilt square is in honor of Lt. Donald Reid Key II who passed away on December 27, 2016 in a line of duty death from a brain tumor. His purpose on this earth was to save lives and as an organ donor, he has been able to continue to do so. Submitted by: Carrie, […]

Mark Wetherington

Quilt square for Mark Wetherington with a feather and birds and text reading: Your wings were ready but my heart was not

This square was made with love in memory of Mark. This is the color of a favorite shirt he wore. Mark was a very loving person. Had a big heart and lots of compassion for others. He was a hard worker and dedicated to his job. He had a yellow lab named Holly, loved her […]

David Cox

Quilt square for David Cox with patches of a rifle, cowboy boots, a steer, and fencing

David of course loved his family. He was proud of all the children. He loved his cows and raising the calves, looked forward every spring to new calves coming. His passion was the double barrel shotguns, AH Fox Sterlingworth Shotguns. He was quite knowledgable about them. He was always interested in all history, but he did learn […]