Jason Tibbs

Quilt square for Jason Tibbs with a large blue dragon fly

This is for my son, Jason. Jason had a beautiful heart. He had many struggles in life. He loved his children. He did his best, but never was cut a break in this world. He was sensitive and caring, always concerned about those less fortunate. He wanted to prove to many that he could stand. […]

Melvin Bryant

Quilt square for Melvin Bryant with photo of Melvin in a suite overlaying deer and bears. Text reading: Now he lay us down to sleep. I pray the Lord our souls to keep, If we should die before we wake, We pray the Lord our souls to take. Goodnight: Claridine, Gail, Madie Belle, and James

Melvin was a devoted brother, athlete, fisherman and hunter. He gave his life, but he gave of himself so someone else could live. Submitted by Madie, Donor Sister

Joe Cochrane

Quilt square for Joe Cochrane with patches of musical notes and symbols

Joe was always a musician. He played the guitar wonderfully and was in several bands throughout his life. The music notes represent one of his greatest joys. Submitted by Gina, Donor Wife, and Ricci, Daughter

Christy Harris

Quilt square for Christy Harris with portrait of Christy surrounded by flowers, butterflies, and sparkles.

Christy was a beautiful person. She loved her family and friends. She loved animals. She wasn’t into material things. She wanted to be loved. She would give everything she had to help a friend in need. Rest in peace, Christy, for you are still helping people. Submitted by Elaine, Donor Mother

Corey Woodard

Quilt square for Corey Woodard with photos of Corey with family, a cross, and text reading: we love and miss you

This is my baby boy that I have had an honor of raising for thirty years. He has two lovely children that he adored, Ranzameon and Kailee. This last picture in March 2018 changed my life; the last time I touched my son and held him. We love and miss you, Corey! Submitted by Shirlean, […]