Martha Lane

Quilt square for Martha Lane with three birds on branches and text reading: Romans 8:28

My mom loved Jesus and reading the Bible.  Romans 8:28 was her favorite verse and she quoted it often. She passed away unexpectedly. We chose to put “Romans 8:28” on her grave marker. Her favorite color was blue and if you ever received a shirt or sweater as a gift, it would be blue. She […]

Robert McCullen

Quilt square for Robert McCullen with text reading: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

Robert was fun loving. He loved his family and little girl, Bella. His quilt square is the serenity prayer, he had it tattooed on his side. Submitted by Michael, Donor Father

Stonie Eastman

Quilt square for Stonie Eastman with two portraits of Stonie

Stonie was born in Fayetteville, NC, son of Leonard and Jessie Bell Maynor Eastman. He attended The Govenor Morehead School for the blind. He worked as a teacher at GMS then ventured into his own business thrugh the blind association. He owned and operated Eastman Vending until illness set him back in early 2018 with […]

John Archer

Quilt square for John Archer with text reading: Architect, Engineer, MBA, Husband, Father, Grandfather

My husband was a kind and generous man whom people described as the “perfect gentleman.” He had degrees in architecture and engineering from University of Texas and an MBA from University of Arkansas. He was a beloved father and grandfather. Submitted by Jeanne, Donor Wife

Tory Ellis

Quilt square for Tory Ellis with photo of Tory overlaying a background of a sunset, with patches of family, open mic, NY Giants, and comedy

This square is for Tory Leon Dante Ellis. The first thing you notice is Tory’s picture and his bright smile. That was his spirit; energetic and fun! He was a very lovable guy and everybody loved Tory. The first small square you’ll notice in the upper left corner is FAMILY. Family meant everything to Tory! […]

Norma James

Quilt square for Norma James with cross and text reading: We only part to meet again. NJJ

This square is for my mom, who left very unexpectedly. It includes her initials, a cross, her favorite quote.  Simple, but it hits home on all four corners for me and for her. Submitted by Sonya, Donor Daughter

Carolynn Edwards

Quilt square for Carolyn Dowless Edwards with portrait photo of Carolynn

I tried to give this quilt square an elegant look, as that was who my mama was. She was always generous and giving, especially to those less fortunate. She grew up poor and never forgot what it was like to not have what you needed. It’s fitting that she gave one last gift. Submitted by […]

Terry Perry

Quilt square for Terry Perry with knife, spoon, fork, and text reading: Chef Terry

Terry enjoyed cooking. He worked for many restaurants in Greenville, Charleston, and Norfolk as a cook. He enjoyed trying new menus and improving on them. Submitted by George, Donor Father