Robert McCullen

Quilt Square for Robert McCullen with text reading: Cardinals appear when angels are near.

Robert had a very outgoing personality. He was a great father to his little girl, Bella Rose. His right arm had tattoos for her and his commitment to her. It stood for “until death we part”, with roses down his arm. He loved her so much. He was a good son, brother, and friend to […]

Charles Watson

Quilt Square for Charles Watson with heart and names of family members

This square has all his children, grandchildren and great grandson and me listed. He loved us all very much. He loved vintage cars and the Dallas Cowboys football team. And one of his best friends was his dog, Nikki. They would share cereal and Twinkies as they watched Jeopardy together every night. Charles was a […]

TiVon Laws

Quilt Square for Tivon Laws with photo and text reading: #boydad

TiVon was a jovial person who loved family. He had a generous heart and always wanted to help others. He enjoyed spending time with his friends. TiVon played softball and basketball, but the sport that he enjoyed the most was bowling. He was an accomplished bowler. TiVon’s true love was the piano. He began playing […]

Jennifer Supplee

Quilt Square for Jennifer Supplee with photos of Jennifer

Jennifer had a huge heart, she always saw the best in everyone. She was beautiful, smart and fun, and she loved her family and friends. Her greatest passions were the environment and for world peace. Her favorite quote was “Peace because the world needs more of it.” She loved animals and nature, especially dogs and […]

Kaleb Hawkins

Quilt Square for Kaleb Hawkins with spiderman graphics and photo of Kaleb in spiderman outfit

My son loved Spiderman. He picked his own Spiderman costume to wear that Halloween. We buried him in it. He is our forever hero because he gave someone the gift of sight. He was my sweet, silly boy taken from me too soon. Submitted by Dahdreian, Donor Mother

Mariah Suleski-Perez

Quilt Square for Mariah Suleski-Perez with text reading: She lives in you and a picture of a young lion

If ever there was an angel who came down to earth, it was Mariah on the day of her birth. Mariah had the most beautiful brown eyes and a smile that was a mirror of the joy in her soul. From an early age she loved people, especially helping them. As a young child, her […]

Carl Phillips

Quilt Square for Carl Philips with Honda Logo and text reading performance first

My dad was a motorcycle mechanic at Currie Chain Saw in Lumberton, NC. He had red hair and earned the nickname “Red.” Honda is a name brand motorcycle sold at Currie Chain Saw that my dad worked on. The quilt square is from one of his “Red” work shirts. What better way to remember him […]

Ziari King

Quilt Square for Ziari King with text reading: In loving memory of Ziari Jordan Marie King, Daddy’s Girl

This square is a representation of a father’s love for his daughter. Ziari King, my daughter, was a kind hearted loving child who wanted the best for everybody around her. She was the true light to love and happiness. She was energetic, adventurous, and loved the adrenaline rush. She was also shy. But most of […]

Holly Page

Quilt Square for Holly Page with text reading: I love you mom, I miss you

Holly is my youngest daughter. She is beautiful. These pink shorts looked good on her, she would wear them all summer. I love you so much, Holly. I miss you. I will see you again, soon. Submitted by Gathael, Donor Mother