Ian’s Story: Waiting for Hope

Ian working on his laptop

“I’ve been on an off dialysis for a total of 37 years. I’ve had three kidney transplants – two of them giving me a total of 12 years free of dialysis.  Having another transplant will give me a close to a normal life without being tied down to a machine three times a week for 3.5 hours.

Speaking honestly and from my opinion, you can never live a normal life on dialysis.  Living with any illness is not normal to me. We just have to make the best of it until you receive that lifesaving organ. I’ve been on the organ transplant waiting list 6 years. I’ve had 2 calls just this year so I know I’m getting closer to that healthy, perfectly matched kidney that is just for me.

This illness has been a hindrance in my life, but has not stopped me from trying to reach some of my goals. I did not get a chance to finish out my childhood years as a football player or gymnast. I feel this illness kept me from becoming a great football player.  I knew I was good enough to make it to the pros.  I was good at gymnastics and I wanted to be a gymnast, but my illness at an early age kept that from happening. I’ve come to realize that God had another plan for me.

It has been a big hindrance in my life. Not knowing how I’m going to feel after dialysis has kept me from working a full time job. I can’t just jump up and take a trip without making early plans to my dialysis unit. This is one of the ways it has affected my family as well. I’m looking forward to my next call because I know that will be the one for me. I’m looking forward to the time when I’m not getting blood drawn every week, and when I’m able to go to work full time.”

Ian Roberts, Awaiting a Kidney