The Decision Project Introduced to Save More Lives

The Decision Project Logo

HonorBridge has announced a new grassroots educational and relationship-building partnership called The Decision Project. This program was created to introduce the conversation of saving lives through organ, eye and tissue donation and ultimately increasing the number of people who decide to become registered donors in specific multicultural zip code areas where registration rates are low.

The Decision Project empowers people to make an educated and inspired decision about organ, eye, and tissue donation and sharing that decision with their family.

Through community partnerships, presence, and building direct relationships with businesses and non-profit organizations, HonorBridge will empower more people to register.

Over half of the 3,000 patients in North Carolina on the national waiting list are African Americans needing kidney transplants. In North Carolina, nearly 55% of all licensed drivers and ID holders have made the decision to donate. Yet, in some areas, less than 31% have made that decision. Although donation and transplantation can take place between individuals from different racial or ethnic groups, research studies have shown that transplants have a higher likelihood of success when organs are matched between members of the same racial or ethnic backgrounds.

The Decision Project will save lives by raising registration rates and decreasing the waiting list numbers. Additionally, HonorBridge will increase community outreach and support through education, prevention, and providing resources for those communities. The Decision Project is a grassroots approach to work directly with underserved groups, individuals, and socially disadvantaged residents to:

  • Educate and answer questions about the need for more donors
  • Ensure trust of the entire donation process
  • Dispel any misconceptions about donation