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Quilt Square

Created in honor of Andrew Smith

Andrew was a strong, athletic young man and loved the outdoors. He loved his family and he loved God. He played basketball in school and was the team’s star player. He was also a bit of a prankster and full of mischief. He loved to joke around and bring a smile to someone’s face. He attended Catholic school. A favorite nun of his, Sister Anne, once told me that when Andrew got in trouble at school, there was one thing she could always count on and that was, no matter what, he would always tell the truth. He also won the integrity awared in the 8th grade. When the going got rough he never gave up HOPE that there would be better days. He even wrote the word HOPE on his baseball cap. When he died, every single time I opened up a book or a magazine the word HOPE was everywhere!  It has been a comfort to know that his organs gave another family HOPE that their loved one was able to get a second chance at life.

Our son and brother lives on in our hearts. He was a precious gift from God, a real treasure who we will always love and cherish! Our forever love! Until we meet again…

Submitted by: Andy & Debbie, Donor Parents

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