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Created in honor of Caleb Stocking

This quilt square was made for our son Caleb Andrew Stocking who passed away on March 25th of 2016 at the age of 21. Caleb is and will always be remembered for his bright smile that always lit up a room. Only now he’s lighting up the rooms in the homes of other families through his gift of life. His heart is still beating and his lungs are still taking in air. We also know he is up in heaven lighting up his eternal home with that same grin. The quilt square includes a football and the number 82. Those represent Caleb’s love of the game of football. It also reminds us of the joy he had playing and of the awesome God-given ability he has for kicking punts and playing wide-receiver. His jersey number that he is known for is #82. The Boy Scout patch represents another large part of Caleb’s life. He achieved the highest attainable rank of Eagle Scout at age 18 after 13 years of Scouting. Finally, the motorcycle represents Caleb’s other joy – dirt bike riding with his dad. He loved jumping on his bike and racing through the mud. Going up and down the big hills and trying to get his dad muddier than himself while smiling that big grin of his. Caleb was and still is a loving, caring, giving, kind, generous, and strong young man. It is so very hard to sum up Caleb in just a few words on a page or a few patches on a quilt. So, as the quilt square says… Caleb is our amazing son, an awesome big brother, and our family’s gift from God… we love you K.K….

Submitted by: Donor Parents, Greg and Wendy Stocking, and little brother, Joshua

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