Quilt Square

Created in honor of Chelsea Lewis

This quilt patch has so many different meanings. It shows the love for many of the things that Chelsea had. She loved fishing, sunflowers, the beach, especially the sea turtles, and her family. Her main love was her 6 year old daughter, Karli. Chelsea also loved the snow and making snow angels and everything that was shiny like the glitter all over this patch.
Chelsea was born in TX but raised pretty much in NC with her Aunt Megan a year older than her. Chelsea was an only child until her father got remarried and then she had 3 stepsisters and a stepbrother. Chelsea loved being a big sister and a mother, she loved her little “monkey-butt” more than anything in this world. Chelsea was enrolled in nursing school before she passed away and was looking forward to continuing her education. She was fun to be around and always smiling. When she walked into a room, you knew. Her laugh was contagious and you never got tired of hearing it – but don’t make her mad. Chelsea loved to cook and feed others, and had a love for All animals (she wanted to keep EVERY stray). She was big on family and would help a stranger or friend, no questions asked. She’d give you the shirt off her back if it meant you would be warm, even if she’d be cold. There’s not enough time or space to write about who Chelsea is or was, she’s more than just this quilt patch. She’ll forever be missed but will always be imprinted on our hearts. Gone too soon. Came into this world as an Angel and left us as one.


Submitted by Cheryl, Donor Mother

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