Quilt Square

Created in honor of Gary Isom Jr.

Gary was a loving husband. We were married for over 16 years. He was funny and loved spending time with his family. Loved watching movies, but his favorite show was WWE. Marissa and Clarissa, his twin daughters, they turned 17 in September and his son, Albert, turned 11 on August 3. They adored him. Gary knew we all loved dogs, so he went out and got us this beautiful dog named Cleo because he loved us. Every time we look at our beautiful dog, we think of him. He loved listening to music, especially the 80s. He worked hard on getting food on the table and hard to get us things we wanted. He loved comic books and he loved to watch or play anything Marvel or DC. He loved to ride motorcycles and always wanted one; and he finally got the chance to buy one. He loved watching Fast and Furious movies with the family. He loved playing around with his kids. And now he is watching a TV show of us everyday; he turns the channel and watches us and takes care of us in his own way.

Submitted by: Peggy, Donor Wife

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