Quilt Square

Created in honor of Nicole Johnson

Nina was a beautiful 10 year old with long dark hair, big brown eyes, and a heart of gold. She loved God, her family, animals, Minecraft, writing stories, reading Harry Potter books, crafts, rainbows, and everything bright colored, especially pink. She wanted to be a veterinarian and an artist. She was homeschooled, was part of a chorus and enjoyed playing with her brothers Lucas and William. William is three years old and he tells us Nina lives in a pink castle with yellow flowers now. Nina got to meet her sister, Ella, who was three months old when Nina went to heaven. Now she has a baby brother (Benjamin) that she’ll meet in heaven someday.

With her passing, Nina was able to help save the lives of 4 people. Grieving the loss of Nina is by far the hardest thing we had to endure, but seeing how out of a tragedy others have gained new life brings us comfort and joy. What an honor it is to be a donor family.

Submitted by: Miriam, Donor Mother

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