Quilt Square

Created in honor of Ron Lindish

This quilt square is dedicated to the ever present smile that Ron Lindish was known best for. Anyone who knew him knew that we loved Jesus, first and foremost, as his personal savior. His life exemplified love for other people. He never met a stranger and never had a harsh word for anyone. His love generous spirit touched the lives of all who knew him. He made his way through each day planning to love on someone through his light hearted spirit and never asked for anything in return. He was best identified as the friend who put a smile on everyone’s face who knew him. His life now lives on in others. He will give life even in his absence. Ronald David Lindish will never be forgotten. May God bless those who have been healed by his last wishes of life, giving love.

Forever Loving,

Submitted by: Terry, Donor Wife

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