Quilt Square

Created in honor of Tory Ellis

This square is for Tory Leon Dante Ellis. The first thing you notice is Tory’s picture and his bright smile. That was his spirit; energetic and fun! He was a very lovable guy and everybody loved Tory. The first small square you’ll notice in the upper left corner is FAMILY. Family meant everything to Tory! He loved his Family; his immediate family; Mom, Dad, his brother, sisters, nephews, cousins, and all Family. He was very close to them.
The Masks and Microphone represent Tory’s comedic side. Tory was an aspiring comedian and spent many hours on stage honing his craft. He was a funny guy!!! He had traveled to Los Angeles seeking more exposure to make his mark. Tory passed in Los Angeles, CA.
Finally, he LOVED the NY Giants football team! And he could talk smack for days with anyone about his team. Tory played on a championship football team in high school and went on to play some college football.

Submitted by Darryl, Donor Uncle

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