David Minton

Quilt square for David Minton with collage of photos of Milton with family

David was our hero.  We honor his memory everyday and carry him in our hearts forever.  Someday we will be with him again.  Until then he will be loved and remembered forever, by his wife, children, family, and friends.  David will always be our superman and angel! Submitted by:  Priscilla, Donor Wife

Donald Bridgers

Quilt square for Donald Bridgers with a photo of Donald in the center and patches of racing flags, the marine corps logo, a book, and tarheels mascot. Text reading: for all the laughter and the smiles. For the happiness and good times. For listening and sharing. For your strong shoulders and kind heart. We love you!

The love for his family and the way he could make you laugh, even in the saddest times.  The loving heart and open door for people who needed help.  He gave during his life and even after his death, he was giving.  He died on Valentine’s Day, so the red heart has so much meaning to […]

Christopher Schmied

Quilt square for Christopher Schmied with portrait of Christopher, a tree, a heart with a missing puzzle piece

Chris just got the tattoo in the photo.  He loved the colors black and white, and the ocean.  His smile lit up the room and his goofy sense of humor kept us laughing all the time.  He loved music and playing the guitar. Submitted by: Theresa, Donor Mother

Sarah Harris

Quilt square for Sarah Harris with portrait of Sarah at the center

This is a photograph of my daughter who died as a victim of domestic violence.  Sarah loved and married a young man who had served in Afghanistan as a Marine and was being treated for PTSD.  She felt that she could help him.  As the months passed, he became more controlling and threatening, finally shooting […]

Reginald McMillan

Quilt square for Reginald McMillan with arrows and text reading life is a circle of love. Donors bless others with the gift of love and life.

Reginald was a dedicated father and son who worked hard to keep his family together.  he loved family and enjoyed it to his fullest.  I don’t think he had too many regrets, other than not being able to spend more time with his children.  He left behind a beautiful little girl (2yrs old) and a […]

CJ Adams

Quilt square for CJ Adams with a large monster truck, the number 18, and text reading: crushing the competition

My square represents my sons love for fast trucks, big tires, and mud, riding tall and being proud of knowing others would stop, look, and smile as you put your truck in the mud to see if you could get to the other end of the hole without getting stuck.  Not only did CJ love trucks, […]

Devin Newton

Quilt square for Dein Newton with a graduation photo of Devin and handwritten notes on the side.

My son Devin was a funny, out spoken child. He never met a stranger.  He love helping people, especially the elder.  He started preaching at the age of 7 years old.  Letting people know the Lord is coming soon.  He sang in the youth choir, so it didn’t shock me when he wanted to be […]

Cheryl Hale

Quilt square for Cheryl Hale red, blue and yellow, and a floral pattern.

This square is for Cheryl; mom, sister, daughter, grandmother, and friend.  The pinwheel is made from material she sewed with in high school. Submitted by: Becky, Donor Daughter