Nicolas Patrick

Quilt square for Nicolas Patrick with photo of Nicholas at the beach and illustrations of birds in a tree and angle wings.

Our son, Nicolas, was a bright, smart, funny, and caring young man. He loved his family and would do anything for anyone. His infectious smile and laughter was the biggest gift he gave people. It drew people in to him and he loved to use this to be an encourager to them. He loved playing […]

William Day

Quilt square for William Day with an illustration of a happy snail at the center

Will was a sweet boy who was an inspiration to many. Although Will could not walk or talk, he changed many lives with his toughness, determination, and beautiful smile. Will loved his family, caregivers, music, and his toy snail, Gary. The Easter Bunny brought him Gary for his first Easter and a lifelong friendship was […]

Michael Richardson

Quilt square for Michael Richardson with a photo of Mike at the center surrounded by basketballs, footballs, and football helmets. Text reading: RIP Mike.

Michael loved football and basketball. Michael played football for high school and semi professional football. Michael was a loving son, brother, and friend. Also, one of the best uncles to his nephews. Michael leaves behind a 6 month old son born after his death. Submitted by: Debra, Donor Mother

Joe Cochrane

Quilt square for Joe Cochrane with blue pattern and text reading: You’re missed Joe Cochrane.

Joe’s quilt square is a paisley print. He’s loved this print since he was little. His gramma wore it a lot and it reminded him of tear drops of joy. Joe was a good baby, a great child, and a loving teen who turned into an awesome man, husband, father, friend, and pops. Joe, I […]

Rachel Leahy

Quilt square for Rachel Lindner Leahy with a photo of Rachel and a patch of a flower in corner

Rachel lived most of her 22 years in Virginia and North Carolina, aside from the two years when she lived in Paris. Rachel loved her summers in the Blue Ridge Mountains as well as her time in the sun at the beach. She adored animals, especially her dog, Toby, who came from the rescue organization […]

Dee McDaniel

Quilt square for Dee McDaniel with a photo of Dee reeling in a fish.

Dee loved fishing. He was a great fisherman. Dee could clean a fish faster and better than anyone, I’ve been told. Dee also loved to ride his Harley on Sundays. Dee was a great pool player, too. He won several tournaments. Dee started building pallets at the age of 14 years old. He worked with […]

Donald Patrick Crockett

Quilt square for Donald Patrick Crockett with a photo of Daniel hiking and numerous awards and medals on the side.

Donald Patrick Crockett was a loving husband, father, son and leader. He was a 24 year US Air Force veteran. He loved biking, which is an amazing dedication since he continued to break his bike and pop inner tubes much too often. He also loved baseball and scuba diving. He was a member of Divers […]