Linwood Jones

Quilt square for Linwood Jones with a photo of Linwood and a semitruck

Linwood drove a “Big Rig” for 53 years of his life. He loved the road and enjoyed every state that he visited, which was 48 states. He could talk to the richest to the poorest with the same respect and dignity. He always had a smile on his face. if he had a worry, you […]

Jeff Jackson

Quilt square for Jeff Jackson with a floral pattern and a rocking horse at the center

He loved his crazy shirts and to build rocking horses and animals. His favorite color was blue. This quilt square is a little of him. Submitted By: Megan, Donor Daughter

Robert “Bob” Wood

Quilt square for Robert Wood with racing flags in the center.

Bob was my husband, lover, best friend, business partner, and soul mate for 41 years. We were wholesale car dealers for all of our years together, built and operated a dirt track for 13 years, and traveled with a winged spirit car circuit for 5 years. Bob drove a race car on asphalt and dirt […]

Ron Lindish

Quilt square for Ron Lindish with an illustration of Ron

This quilt square is from a photograph and created by our dearest friend, Marty Stanberry. Ron always wore yellow when he was with his girls. He was a light hearted man who always made it a point to make other people smile. His words made all who knew him feel good about themselves. He loved […]

Travis Englebright

Quilt square for Travis Englebright with a photo of Travis at the beach and text reading: we love you Travis.

I used Travis’ baby pillow to make a frame around his picture. We took that picture on our last beach trip together in August 2014. He was so happy in that picture. He had a huge heart. He would do anything for anyone. I miss him so much. Submitted By: Tracie, Donor Mother