Ralph Miller

Quilt square for Ralph Miller with a photo of Ralph and text reading: Lt. Col. USAF, Never criticize a man until you’ve walked a mile in his moccasins. God, Country, Family & Friends Were the Winds Beneath this Gentle Soul’s Wings.

A man of great integrity who loved and served his God, his country, his family and his fellow man. He was a God fearing man, an officer of the United States Air Force, a dedicated family man and the go-to guy in the neighborhood for anybody that needed a friend, help, advice, or a listening […]

Mark Green Sr.

Quilt square for Mark Green Sr. with patches of musical notes, American Flags, and text reading I love USA.

Mark was a Navyman and a welder. He grew up working at the ship yard as a little boy in Charleston, South Carolina. Submitted by Shawn, Donor Wife

Melvin Stanley Bryant

Quilt square for Melvin Stanley Bryant with a photo of Melvin playing basketball and names around the photo: James Thurman Bryant, Clardine Bryant Fonville, Wanda Bryant Strayhorn, Dr. Madie Bryant Orange

Melvin was a devoted brother, athlete, fisherman and hunter. He gave his life, but he gave of himself so someone else could live. Submitted by Donor Family

Harryl McRae

Quilt square for Harryl McRae with text reading: Forever Loved, Beloved: Husband, Father, Granddad, Brother, Son, and Friend. Galatians 5:11 - 23

his quilt square represents my brother, Harryl. He was a father, husband, son, granddad, and my twin brother. He lived life to the fullest and had a heart of gold. When I think about him it reminds me of Gal 5:22-23, The Fruit of the Spirit. Submitted by Darryl, Donor Brother

Robert Vincent Jr.

Quilt Square for Robert Vincent Jr. with photos of Robert at graduation and with family

I did this quilt square in honor of my husband, Robert Lee Vincent, Jr. who was my best friend, soul mate, and lover for 39 years. He was truly a very loveable person and a great husband, father, papa, son, brother, and uncle. Everyone that he came in contact with, he made them smile, leaving […]

Donna Bennick

Quilt square for Donna Bennick with a photo of Donna and patches with text reading: Loved people & doing for others, loved to dance, avid gardener, practiced family law, tarheel 4 ever.

Donna was a very caring and loving person. She was very smart and had a very successful law practice. I guess her first love was dancing, which she did for over 12 years. She won many awards with her talent. Donna’s passion for gardening was a great stress relief for her and provided all of […]

Robert McCullen

Quilt square for Robert McCullen with photos of Robert on a boat with his dog and with his family. Text reading: Love you and will miss you forever Mom & Dad. Daddy would always say, But I love you more!

Robert was very loving. He worked hard and played hard. He loved his daughter, Bella Rose, his girlfriend, Melanie, and family. Robert was a very hard worker. He loved to play softball, football, and baseball. He was always helping others. Submitted by Rita, Donor Mother

Michael Richardson

Quilt square for Michael Richardson with a photo of Michael and text reading: rest in peace.

Michael was a loving member of the Sharpsburg community. He loved football, family, and friends. Submitted by Debra, Donor Mother

Lawrence “Sonny” Holcomb

Quilt square for Lawrence Holocomb with text reading: If love could have saved you, you would still be with us. The sunman.

Sonny loved life, playing golf, cards, and traveling. He left a wonderful legacy with two sons and nine grandchildren. He was gregarious and loved his family and friends. He was an organ recipient in August 2013 as well as a donor in February 2018. Submitted by Dawn, Donor Wife