Noah Chambers

Quilt square for Noah Chambers and outdoor portrait photo of Noah with handwritten messages

The picture on the quilt square is a picture of a new milestone in Noah’s life, his first day of 6th grade. Little did we know that God would take him home just a few months later. Noah loved the Lord and his family. He was so humble and selfless. He made friends with anybody […]

Robert McCullen

Quilt square for Robert McCullen with text reading: I cried when you passed away, I still cry today. Although I loved you dearly, I couldn’t make you stay. A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands at rest, God broke my heart to prove to me, He only takes the best!

Robert’s Aunt Teresa makes his quilt square every year. Robert was a great person, father, son, brother, boyfriend, and friend to many. All who knew him loved his laughter, the way he made you laugh. He was always helping others. He loved to play softball, baseball, and football. He was a hard worker and played […]

Jayda Alston

Quilt square for Jayda Alston with portrait photos of Jayda

Jayda, we hope you’re dancing in the sky… With a smile that would light up the universe… Jayda was full of love, life, and laughter. Jayda lived life to the fullest every day. As a young teenager, Jayda knew she wanted to be an organ donor. Being an organ donor was the greatest gift she […]

Bryan, Kylie, and Garhett Dawson

Quilt square for Bryan, Kylie, and Garhett Dawson with each of their initials

The quilt design is a tribute to Bryan, Kylie, and Garhett Dawson. The design includes the initials of each of the Dawsons lost to us in an auto accident in August 2019; hearts indicating our continuing love for them; and the kayak paddles represent their love of being on their kayaks individually and as a […]

Jennifer Supplee

Quilt square for Jennifer Supplee with butterfly patterns and a portrait photo of Jennifer

Jennifer had a huge heart. She loved to watch things grow. She loved butterflies and flowers. She had a passion for nature, the environment, and for peace. She loved her family, friends, and her dog Chloe. Submitted by JoAnn, Donor Mother

Wayne Jones

Quilt square for Reverend Wayne Scott Jones with text reading: I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 2 Timothy 4:7

Wayne was well-rounded, full of style, grace, and a sense of humor. He was a man of God who loved teaching, preaching, studying and speaking about God. There never was a time he did not take the opportunity to spread the Good News and build God’s kingdom. Wayne was a civic leader who enjoyed serving […]

Daniel Luther

Quilt square for Daniel Luther with guitar and text reading: Consider the Lilies.

This quilt square holds special memories of my son, Daniel. When Daniel was in the 8th grade, his teacher told the class she wanted them to share one of their talents with their classmates. Daniel came from school that day and said “I don’t have a talent.” That day is when his love for music […]

Terry Dale

Quilt square for Terry Dale with patches of Spock hand, American Flag, United States Navy Logo and the word chef.

Terry was larger than life, at 6’3”, and with his big booming voice you knew he was in the room. What most people didn’t know about him was he had a heart as big as himself. He didn’t show that side to many people but he was a loyal friend to those he entrusted with […]