Stories of Hope

Shared by donor families and transplant recipients

Three woman pose together while wearing donate life t-shirts outside


Outdoor portrait of heart recipient Skid

Skid, a heart recipient, honors his donor by staying healthy and positive

Organ donor mom, Angie, hold's photo of son by lake

Donation brought Angie hope in the devastation of losing her son

Outdoor portrait photo of double transplant recipient Crystal

Double transplant recipient, Crystal, has a new life thanks to her generous donor

Organ recipient Gary poses with family member

New lungs gave Gary new life and more time for love and laughter

Organ recipient, Mattie, holds Donate Life sign with daughter in front of fountain

Transplant gave mom time with daughter that she didn’t get to have with her own mother

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Johnathan, abdominal wall recipient, speaks at conference

For many people, the decision to register as an organ, eye and tissue donor is made when they hear someone’s personal story. Knowing how a recipient’s life has been saved or how a donor family has found hope in their grief is very inspiring to those who are deciding if registering is right for them.