Kenny and Shari’s Story: A Glimmer of Hope

Portrait of organ donor Kenny

The first lifeline from HonorBridge came in the form of a phone call on November 26, 2008. That was the day I lost my oldest son, Kenny. I was devastated. A friendly voice on the other end of the line told me about HonorBridge and what it does. That glimmer of hope was what I needed to get a little triumph from this tragedy.

I cannot remember the name of the lady I spoke with on that day, but I do remember how calming and soothing her voice was and how patient she was during the moments that I could not hold back the tears.

Months later the second lifeline came in the form of a letter from HonorBridge’s Life Anew Program Coordinator. This is the one that saved me from drowning. The letter informed me that Kenny’s gift had helped a total of 11 people across the United States and in Korea. It is a blessing to have hope and joy restored in your life when it seems that there will never be any more.

That letter made me realize one important thing: if I could live through this, I could do anything. Kenny is still alive in all 11 of the people that received a part of him. My family and I will never be able to fully express our love and appreciation for HonorBridge and all that they do, but we can say that receiving life from lifelessness is nothing short of a miracle. Donate Life!