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Raven Martin: Wearing Her Truth

Soh Raven Martin - donor recipient

In 2010, Raven Martin’s life took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Later that month, during a follow-up appointment to check on the effectiveness of her medication, she was diagnosed with a rare liver disease. 

“My health deteriorated, and by 2016, liver failure forced me onto the transplant list,” said Martin. “I suffered hepatic encephalopathy, accidents from extreme fatigue, and my family life and work suffered greatly. Despite actively searching for a living liver donor, I couldn’t find a match. Then, on Aug. 3, 2022, at 2 a.m., I received the call. It was a liver offer. Tremendously grateful, I accepted. This call changed my life instantly.” 

Grateful for this second chance, Martin felt a deep sense of responsibility to give back to others who were still waiting for their miracle.

“Post transplant, my biggest accomplishment has been the creation of my business, Wearing My Truth,” said Martin. “I design shirts for kidney and liver transplant candidates who are looking for a living donor. It’s a unique strategy that goes beyond just social media posting to increase visibility and exposure to potential donors. My ultimate goal is to assist in helping them receive a lifesaving transplant sooner.”

Compared to her life prior to the transplant, everyday life for Martin is a complete transformation. She now has the energy to get out of bed and truly live life, being active with her family and friends, engaging in her interests, and stepping out of her comfort zone. 

“Before my transplant, walking five miles a day or traveling seemed impossible,” said Martin. “But now I embrace these activities with open arms. Moreover, I had the incredible opportunity to participate in two meaningful events: the Donate Life NC Hero Run in September and the Virtual Liver Life Walk in October 2023. These experiences allowed me to connect with others from the transplant community and contribute to important causes.” 

With a renewed lease on life, Martin plans to seize every opportunity and live life to the fullest — and will never forget the person who made it all possible.

“I’m incredibly grateful for my liver donor,” said Martin. “His selfless gift gave me a second chance at life, impacting now only me but also my loved ones. If given the chance, I would thank his family and let them know that I remember and appreciate my donor every day. Thanks to him and God’s grace, I can truly live.”

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