Terrell would be proud to know he was able to help so many

Portrait of organ donor Terrell

He hunted some, but I believe his love of animals prevented him from killing anything. We lost several pets two weeks before he died, and he remarked to me, ” you have to save the next one because I can’t deal with another animal dying.”

The night before Terrell died, he thought he had a kidney stone and did not want to go to the emergency department for something he could tough out. The pain became progressively worse, and we finally went to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a sizable dissecting aneurysm behind the left kidney. Terrell got airlifted from our local hospital to Atrium Wake Forest Baptist Health, where he died when the helicopter landed. I was told of his death when I arrived at the hospital. I knew he was a donor and had been registered for several years, as we had discussed this several times before this.

When I received a thank you note from Miracles In Sight informing me that someone could now see this because of my husband’s gift, this brought me great comfort. I believe he would be proud to know he was able to help so many. My entire family believes in organ, eye, and tissue donation, and I have had several conversations about my decision and expect my family to honor my decision when the time comes.