Quilt Square

Created in honor of Alex Michael Sanderson

Alex’s enthusiasm goes far beyond his clothing choices, which is what this quilt square is made out of. Whether he was dressed in his Navy uniform or a pair of shorts and his favorite cobalt blue t-shirt, he was comfortable and happy with whom he was. He exuberated confidence, assertiveness, and a kind compassionate mannerism, which made others want to befriend him. As Alex’s Mom I feel his excitement for life everyday in my heart, so I have to believe that he has shared this gift of joy and passion along to whoever received his donor gifts.

Alex’s dream does live on!

Submitted by: Deann, Donor Mother

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Woman holds picture of donor in front of a yellow quilt

We invite you to mail in your quilt square with the release form, and it will be added to other donor squares for next year’s donor quilt.

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