Quilt Square

Created in honor of Bryan, Kylie, and Garhett Dawson

The quilt design is a tribute to Bryan, Kylie, and Garhett Dawson. The design includes the initials of each of the Dawsons lost to us in an auto accident in August 2019; hearts indicating our continuing love for them; and the kayak paddles represent their love of being on their kayaks individually and as a family.

Bryan was a fantastic father, providing the necessary guidance by raising his children Garhett and Kylie into outstanding young adults with tremendous sensitivity to caring for the wellbeing of others and always thinking of how they could help others in need. Bryan was very active in his family’s life. He was a volunteer coach for youth soccer and lacrosse, coaching many children in the community, including Kylie and Garhett, instilling values of sportsmanship and respecting others.

Kylie would have been a junior at the University of Maryland and was an activist for people’s rights and freedoms. Kylie was a very thoughtful, caring, and extremely kind person, always thinking of how she could help others improve their lives. Kylie was planning for a community service future hoping to be able to help those in need through improvements to health and life services provided to the broad community of individuals with needs not being met.

Garhett would have been a senior at Exeter High School. He was very active with the ice hockey and lacrosse teams, and ski and photo clubs. Garhett was a very thoughtful, caring, and extremely kind person always thinking of how he could help others. His kindness and caring for others will be missed.

Submitted by Melissa, Donor Wife and Mother

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