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Created in honor of Jim Bardon

Avid reader, creative poet, and sports enthusiast are qualities possessed by Jim Bardon. His compassion was evident when a cold, hungry Siamese cat with a broken leg showed up at Jim’s door. Jim and Max became best buddies. As a founding member of both Lenoir County (LC) Council on Aging and Mary’s Soup Kitchen in Kinston, Jim demonstrated his caring nature. He also volunteered numerous hours with LC United Way and the LC unit of the American Red Cross. He served as board president of both organizations. Blood donation was a passion for Jim. In addition to chairing the Blood Committee for many years, Jim donated 13+ gallons of blood. Receiving a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alabama and a Master of Fine Arts from UNC-Greensboro, Jim supported both alumni associations. Jim thoroughly enjoyed and was a life-long, loyal fan of Alabama football. ROLL TIDE!

Submitted by Rita, Donor Partner

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