Quilt Square

Created in honor of Rebekah Ware

My name is Becca. Even though a label was placed upon me at birth, I was a creation made from God. People referred to me as a young girl with Down Syndrome and Autism. Even though my birth age kept going up the scale, my mind just settled around a two year old stage. It wasn’t a bad thing. I was amazed at the most simplest things in life, from letting the water run between my little fingers at bath time to bringing into the house a dandelion and blowing on it only to marvel as each little seed drifted to the floor. I loved to laugh, wiggle, and watch a train moving on down the track; but most of all, I loved hugging people. So relax, enjoy the rest of your life looking, feeling, hearing, and smelling everything that God above has placed here on earth for us to marvel over. Don’t forget to count your many Blessings!

Submitted by Jo, Donor Mother

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