Quilt Square

Created in honor of Terry Williams

Terry loved to feed and watch hummingbirds. She would make her own nectar for them. They would bring her much joy. Hummingbirds are spiritual birds. They symbolize so many things to an individual. This may have been why Terry enjoyed them so much. They remind you to be prepared for your journeys, take your energy into consideration, don’t over extend yourself, and remind you that each and every day is a new journey where one can face challenges and have to defend themselves. We are sure these hummingbirds help Terry each and every day, especially dealing with all of her health issues. Hummingbirds can be a challenge for you to grow spiritually and say “Yes I Can” and believe it will be done. Terry had lived with our mother for many years until the death of our mother, and then she had to learn to live alone and learn how to handle her finances. We are so thankful for the hummingbirds that brought Terry so much joy and entertainment. Her journey here on earth has ended but her new journey has begun.

Submitted by: Sandra, Diane, and Debbie, Donor Sisters

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