Zachary Goforth

Quilt square for Zachary Goforth with patches for outdoor activities, camping, the military, the USA, and football #52. Text reading: Be good to who you can, when you can!

Zach always seemed to wear a lot of blue. It did bring out his blue eyes. He loved Kayaking and camping. In honor of his birthday we did a River Run and had 80 to 90 Kayaks. We Plan to do this every year. Proceeds from the event went to the Humane Society, because he […]

Alesha Staton

Quilt square for Alesha Staton with an illustration of an owl and a heart.

My daughter Crystal made an owl embroidery because her mother collected owl designs and Alesha loved them as well. We have lost them both and my son. It’s like Crystal said “It’s a family thing” dedicated to and in memory of my beautiful daughter. Alesha was a fun loving, thoughtful, wonderful person. Full of life […]

Douglas Lloyd

Quilt square for Douglas Lloyd with a collage of music, UNC, a cross, fishing, a clown, a compass, and a toy pistol

This quilt square is being submitted in memory of my dad and best friend. He was so special to many people, so the quilt is a collage of items that each member of our immediate family chose to represent their relationship with him. Submitted by: Jennifer, Donor Daughter

John Ryland

Quilt square for John Ryland with a photo of John and a collage of patches representing the military, the USA, racing, superman, the beach, and photography.

Our quilt square is in memory of my dad, John (“Jack”) Newton Ryland, III. When I think of how he touched our lives, the first word that comes to mind is “admiration”. He was admired for many reasons. First and foremost was his love and commitment for my mother and not just marital commitment. He […]

Braedyn Hunt

Quilt square for Braedyn Hunt with large illustration of Mickey Mouse.

He was a loving little boy. He was smart, remember you when he would see or meet someone. He enjoyed Mickey Mouse Club House. He loved food, fruit just like his (me’me) as he would call me. His grandmother Betty would teach him a lot. He enjoyed the outside, loved to take pictures with the […]

Mark Spaugh

Quilt Square for Mark Spaugh with fish pattern

This square is dedicated to Mark Spaugh who was a construction supervisor, DSHA Inspector. Mark loved Bass Fishing on the weekend up at the crack of dawn cooking an awesome breakfast with his homemade biscuits. The ponds had barely melted in the winter’s ice and the dew heavy on the fields as he would tromp on his favorite […]

David Swain

Quilt square for David Swain with a rainbow paintbrush, a fishing rod, and text reading keep hope alive.

David “Andy” Swain loved to fish. He was a paint contractor. He also loved to say “Keep Hope Alive”! Submitted by: Brenda, Donor Wife

Colby Williamson

Quilt square for Colby Williamson with a cowboy boot.

The quilt square has a boot on it. My son Colby loved his boots. He wore boots with shorts, even went to the beach wearing jeans and cowboy boots. He loved watching Westerns with his grandfather “Gun Smoke”. He wanted to be a cowboy. He even tried to sleep with them om, but I wouldn’t […]