Angela is fully recovered, and dedicated to living her “BEST LIFE…Battle Scars and all”

Organ Recipient Angela at an event

Married with 3 school-aged kids, working 3 jobs, and also keeping myself busy with close family, friends, and hobbies. As my kids would say, I was  “doing the most”. Once I was diagnosed, I followed the advice of my Cardiologist to attend a local Cardiac Rehab Program, to expand on my health and knowledge about Heart Disease. What a Difference Cardiac Rehab made. I adjusted my whole life again to make sure I attended every appointment.  I graduated and proceeded to get on with my life. In 2015, my life shifted again as  I was hospitalized a couple of times due to overwhelming symptoms returning. Between 2015 to 2017, my Heart Health continued to decline. By this time my Cardiologist referred me to a more targeted Heart Health Team. I was introduced to the Duke Medical Center Cardiac Department. They were just what I needed at that time. I was eventually advised to get a Pacemaker. In September of 2016, my 1st Heart Surgery of many was complete. Once again, I was advised to attend local Cardiac Rehab Appointments. Been there, done that, was all in so again,  I graduated.

The Pacemaker Surgery went well, so I figured, let’s give LIFE a renewed effort. To my disappointment,  the Pacemaker didn’t do as well for my Heart Health as we hoped. Over the next few months, my Recovery was declining. Although, I was obedient in following all recommendations, advice, medications, etc; the following year in April of 2017,  I underwent the process of prepping for a Heart Transplant.. My body was wrecked by this time…I was Dying.. All the emotions you can imagine ran through my mind, body, and soul.
My recovery this time around was tougher than when I received the Pacemaker. I physically had to start over…walking, sitting up and down, eating, etc.

Who would have blamed me if I “cracked” under pressure? I was very close to doing so. Another new reality had set in and I was “struggling” Obviously,  there was a whole plan of action in place for me that I had to summon. Family, Faith, Forgiveness, and Fail-Proof Health Care set in motion and I’m not only able to live; I’m able to finally tell my Heart Story. Fully recovered, and am fully dedicated to living my BEST LIFE…Battle Scars and all. I am Grateful..Thankful and truly Blessed to share my story.