Beverly’s Story: From Crisis to Celebration

Organ recipient Beverly holding an oversized driver's license poster

Prior to falling ill, Beverly lived a normal life, enjoying her roles as a wife and mother to two children. Her days were filled with attending PTA meetings, taking her kids to school, assisting with homework, and cheering them on at little league games. Everything was business as usual until Easter 2000, when a sudden fatigue and lethargy began to plague her.

“I went to the doctor, and my liver enzymes were extremely high,” said Beverly. “The doctors were trying to diagnose my problem but had no success. Meanwhile, my health was deteriorating quickly. I was referred to a gastrointestinal doctor, and he ordered a liver biopsy. My liver was failing rapidly.”

Beverly was swiftly directed to UNC Hospital in Chapel Hill, NC, where the possibility of a liver transplant loomed. Throughout mid-April to mid-May, her condition worsened to the point where a liver transplant became imperative.

“The doctors were baffled,” said Beverly. “My family and friends were in shock. I was unsure what was happening. The toxins in my body that my liver wasn’t filtering clouded my mind. The seriousness of my condition occurred so quickly that my surgery was performed as an emergency. The doctors placed me on the transplant waiting list on May 12, 2000, and by God’s grace, I received a liver transplant on May 14, Mother’s Day.”

Her life-saving organ came from a woman in San Antonio, TX, who had passed away that weekend. Despite expressing her gratitude in a letter to the donor’s family, she never received a response. Nevertheless, she remains deeply thankful for their selfless act that granted her more time with her loved ones.

“I’m so grateful to her and her family for their unselfish care for strangers,” said Beverly. “I’m also thankful for my outstanding medical staff and family and friends who nursed me back to health.”

Now, twenty-two years post-transplant, she has witnessed the significant milestones of raising her children, seeing them graduate from high school and college, landing their first jobs, and celebrating her son’s marriage to his lovely bride. Beverly’s also enjoyed memorable trips to the Grand Canyon, New York City, Chicago, and her donor’s hometown of San Antonio, TX. With a heart full of gratitude, she looks forward to continuing her journey, savoring moments with family and friends, and exploring more of the world.

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