Mandy’s Story: My Loyal Companion

Organ recipient Mandy with her dog

Trout is my side kick and goes with me everywhere, so being away from each other for a month was tough for both of us! Trout was by my side when I was sick and continued to be by my side through my recovery. When I was able to return home a month after the surgery, Trout could sense I was recovering from something major. She even cautiously sniffed my new scars! For the first three weeks after I got home she wouldn’t let me out of her sight and was never more than a few feet away from me. She would follow me into a room and sit at the threshold with her back towards me as if she was keeping an eye out to protect me. Now she even travels to my appointments with me!

I know Trout is just as thankful for my organ donor as I am. Thanks to my donor I was able to start a new life full of energy for long walks and hikes to fun places! My organ donor saved a wife, daughter, sister, friend, and Trout’s mom.  My organ donor is my hero, and I can say without a doubt Trout’s hero, too!